For all of those Walking Stick and Umbrella Users out there

Matt Jones09/07/06


Article written by:Matt Jones
Sometimes when you are screwing around on the internet (and the internet is a jealous beast), you find some very odd things out there on the information superhighway. This is one of those times. Thanks to the folks at Dave Barry's wonderful blog, we have come upon "Self Defense with a Walking Stick....The Different Methods of Defending Oneself with a Walking Stick or Umbrella when Attacked under Unequal Conditions." This article is of course, for those of you who didnt instantly recognize it from its pithy title, from a 1901 Pearson's Magazine issue, that was addressed at men who were "likely to come upon unknown aggressors during their daily walks." Of course in order for this article to be applicable, you must be a Walking Stick or Umbrella user, something that likely was not much of a barrier to overcome in early 1900. The article is quite interesting. It gives insight on what "The Safest Way to Meet an Attack with a Spiked Staff or Long Stick when you are only Armed with an Ordinary Walking Stick." So for all those who are traveling in neighborhoods with "spiked staffs" (like for instance 4th Davis at Transylvania), this entry is for you. In addition, if you find yourself walking down the street and you approach Hasim Rachman, you might need "A very Simple Way to Protect Yourself with a Hooked Walking Stick against a Boxer." Or if you come upon a deserted alley and see me there, you can do one of two things....get a dog (which scare me) or read "A very Serviceable Way to Disable a Taller Man than Yourself when Opposed to Him under Unequal Conditions." You may ask why I brought this up and why I am linking this article. The answer is that I am not very sure....but somehow, somewhere there is a Woo Obrzut connection to this article....maybe you can help me think what it is....

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