Forget the Young Miss.....its time for Ole Miss

Forget the Young Miss.....its time for Ole Miss

Matt Jonesalmost 15 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
See that guy up there. Any idea who he is? Well of course he is former Ole Miss Rebel and NBDL superstar, Ansu Sesay. For many years, I had to write a column on about the SEC and I enjoyed it quite a bit. However, I never had anything to say about Ole Miss. I mean what is there to say about Ole Miss basketball? They play in one of the darkest arenas in America. They are always mediocre to very bad and they have exactly nothing to distinguish themselves in any positive way. Think Kansas football before they got a really fat coach. So it was tough.....but I could always rely on Sesay. See, Sesay is a name that sticks in your head. I have found that when I ask random UK fans to name a basketball player from Ole Miss, they either come up with no one....or they say Sesay. Many, including some on the Kentucky Sports Radio staff, still believe that Sesay plays for Ole Miss. Well he does not. This Ole Miss team is a relatively new group, coached by Andy Kennedy, the most athletic college basketball coach in a BCS conference. IN fact, Kennedy may be more athletic than anyone on his team as the folks from Ole Miss sport a rather barren lineup. They are led by the big man Curtis down low, and most of their attack goes from inside out. This game should be quite ugly (but we are used to that) and will likely stay close for a good portion, before Kentucky wins by 11. Use the comments to give your prediction or a recitation of your favorite Ansu Sesay moment.....

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