Former Cats In The NBA Have 1 Week To Make the Playoffs

Former Cats In The NBA Have 1 Week To Make the Playoffs

Andrew Cassadyover 6 years


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The NBA playoffs will begin next Sunday which means former Cats have just 3 games left to make or move up in the playoff race. Which former guys are in and which are out? Here's your full summary as of today: Eastern Conference [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="620"] The Raptors hold the East's 3 seed...for now.[/caption] (3) Toronto Raptors: Chuck Hayes and Patrick Patterson are currently taking on Miami in a must win game for the Heat. Toronto can't afford to drop any games either as they hold the 3 seed via a tie breaker with Chicago. (4) Chicago Bulls: Nazr Mohammed hasn't seen much action this season but the grizzled vet will still get a ring if Chicago finds some way to shock the world. The Bulls could still take the 3 seed from Toronto if they win games over Philly, Brooklyn, and Atlanta. (5) Washington Wizards: John Wall has been getting some rest lately as Washington gets ready to make a deep playoff run. Last year the Wizards took on the Bulls as the 5 seed and won the series 4-1. It's looking like they are counting on doing more of the same this season. The Wizards have games remaining against Atlanta, Indy, and Cleveland and can't finish worse than 5th. More rest for Wall and Company seems imminent. (7) Boston Celtics: James Young scored 17 points earlier this week in a Game 1 overtime loss to Ft. Wayne. Meanwhile on the main roster, his Celtic teammates are in a 4 team race for the final two seeds. Eliminated (11) Charlotte Hornets: Michael Kidd-Gilchrist The Hornets were eliminated this week following a loss (12) Detroit Pistons: Jodie Meeks and Tayshaun Prince (14) Philadelphia 76ers: Nerlens Noel Western Conference [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="620"] Will AD lead his team to the promised land?[/caption] (6) Houston Rockets: Terrence Jones and the Rockets were in the 2 spot earlier this week but a loss by just one point to the Spurs dropped them all the way to 6th. Houston still has games remaining against the Pelicans, Hornets, and Jazz. With two of those teams eliminated the Rocket could easily go 3-0 and climb the rungs of the Western Conference. (7) Dallas Mavericks: Rajon Rondo and his team locked up the 7th seed with  a win over the Denver Nuggets last night. With three now meaningless games to go you can bet Big D will rest Dirk, Rondo, Chandler and more in order to get ready for the 2 seed. The Mavs are loaded with a veteran roster so don't be shocked if they come together in the playoffs and take their opening series to 7 games. (8) New Orleans Pelicans: Anthony Davis' team currently clings to the 8th seed in the playoffs via a tiebreaker with the Thunder. Unfortunately, New Orleans must play Houston and San Antonio in their final three games while OKC has a much easier road. Ant may have to take his team to 3 wins if they are going to slide into the playoffs this season. In Contention (9) Oklahoma City Thunder: Enes Kanter Eliminated (10) Phoenix Suns: Eric Bledsoe, Brandon Knight, Archie Goodwin -BK enters restricted free agency this off season. Will he find himself on a fourth NBA team when next season begins? (13) Sacramento Kings: DeMarcus Cousins -Will DeMarcus be playing in Sacramento when next season begins? The All-Star could command quite a ransom before the NBA draft this June. (14) LA Lakers: Julius Randle -Last month Randle was cleared for non-contact activities. I can't wait to see him return next season.   Go NBA Cats.

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