Former Kentucky Offensive Lineman is now a Campus Police Officer

by:Nick Roush02/28/18


After Eric Scott spent five years protecting Kentucky quarterbacks, he returned to campus to protect University of Kentucky students. Andre Woodson's center for two years, Scott played helped Rich Brooks win a pair of bowl games between 2003-07.  Scott spent two seasons with the Tennessee Titans, until an injury ended his career. Following his career-ending injury, Scott returned to UK to complete his master's.  While searching for a job to finance his degree, he stumbled into an old friend on the UK police force.  Searching for a calling that was not behind a desk, he found a future that resembled his football past. “You have to stay fit. Teamwork is involved. There are a lot of characteristics in athletics that are similar to policing,” he said. “It was an immediate attraction. I will say it does take a lot of patience. In football, every play lasts about three-and-a-half seconds. So if you are frustrated, you have three-and-a-half seconds to take out that frustration. In law enforcement, you have to remain patient and professional and understand no matter the situation, you have to remain cool. That’s one of the differences from sports.” Scott stay involved with the football team.  From 2009-16 he served as a security guard and traveled with the team full-time.  He used football to relate to the players and show them a different side of the badge. “I was a resource for players, kind of an advisor, and gave them guidance,” he said. “With my background, the players trusted me. Those guys, it’s hard for some of them to trust the police with their backgrounds. It was one of the coolest details I’ve had at the university. More than a decade after his football career ended, Scott is still doing what he can to make the University of Kentucky a better place. You can read more from UK Now here. [mobile_ad]

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