Former UK Center Max Godby Pens a Letter for Downtrodden Fans

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[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="640"] KY Forward[/caption] Kentucky football has once again found a way to break our hearts.  For some, it might be the straw that breaks the camel's back.  Former UK center Max Godby wants fans to pump the brakes before jumping ship. The Louisville native walked-on to the football team in 2010.  A relentless hard worker, he earned a starting spot and a scholarship for his final two seasons of football.   Godby understands what it takes to be a Kentucky football player, but he's not sure fans do.

When have we, the fans, become the emperor watching gladiators and people beneath us compete only for our entitled amusement? Can we remember these are eighteen to twenty-three year olds? Are we truly going to let something that happens on a painted, plastic field dictate our happiness and joy in life? I love winning more than anyone, but we need to look at the heart. It’s a game played by college students. The sun still rises, and life goes on.

I understand there is an economic investment in tickets, gear, tailgating and travel. Please, know my heart as I write this letter. I know there is an emotional connection as well, but it has always made me flinch to hear fans tell me how invested they are into this football program. They tell me how they are “All In.” BBN, if you are truly invested in this football program and want to see the team compete and win, you would not be writing the things that you are writing. You would not be saying the words that you are saying at work. If you are truly invested in this team, you will not abandon them.

Godby was there for the worst of the worst: Joker Phillips' final season.  We remember giving up on the team.  He had to play through it.

The season started with great fan support and a sea of blue at Commonwealth Stadium. By November against Vandy, there were less than 15,000 fans in the stands. That takes a toll on a player, mentally, physically and emotionally.

The loss hurts now, but don't let it determine the outcome of the rest of the season. Read Godby's Letter from Cameron Mills Radio

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