Former WVU QB Raves About Coach Dawson

Former WVU QB Raves About Coach Dawson

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shannon-dawson Kyle Tucker of the Courier-Journal had the chance to catch up with Clint Trickett, a former quarterback at Florida State and West Virginia, and now a coach at East Mississippi Community College. He is starting his own coaching career and is trying to model himself after his former coach, UK's Offensive Coordinator Shannon Dawson.  Trickett said "I didn't realize how much I learned from him about being a coach." Trickett is the son of famous offensive line Coach Rick Trickett who worked for the likes of Nick Saban, Bobby Bowden, and Jimbo Fisher, however he said about his coaching style "I'm more modeling it after him (Dawson) than all of these other people that I have been around."  Throughout the Courier-Journal piece Trickett raved about Coach Dawson, including a phone conversation with Mark Stoops before he hired Dawson as the new Offensive Coordinator. As Kentucky fans I think we are all excited about the Shannon Dawson era.  I have yet to hear a negative thing about the guy as either a coach or person.  However, it is always nice to read articles like this where a former player has such glowing remarks about the guy we brought in to lead our offense.  Here's to looking forward to the kickoff of football season! Brandon Ramsey @Coach_BRamsey

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