Frank Martin loves him some Mr. Worldwide

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonabout 9 years


Frank Martin is really trying hard. The new South Carolina coach is throwing out little barbs at his competitors on Twitter (how's talking to those future NBA players going, Frank?), getting the Gamecock fanbase riled up, and...going to Pitbull concerts? Yesterday, Martin tweeted this picture from the Pitbull concert in Atlanta: Martin also tweeted that he wants his players "2 play w the same passion w which (Pitbull) performs," which I hope doesn't mean we can expect the Gamecocks to sit in clubs wearing sunglasses and drinking Dr. Pepper (although that would be hilarious). The link between the two goes farther than Dr. Pepper though: Pitbull (aka Armando Cristian Perez) and Martin are both American-born sons of Cuban parents. And, although he's not on the level of a Jay-Z or a Drake, Pitbull is pretty popular with the kids these days (in fact, I think he's in about seventeen songs on the radio right now). What do you make of Martin's Pitbull obsession? Is it an attempt at tapping into the minds of today's youth or a genuine love for Pitbull's vaguely latin beats? Regardless, it looks like we going to be hearing more "Mr. Worldwide" and less "Sandstorm" in Colonial Life Arena this winter.

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