Freddie Maggard thinks the Barker commitment is huge, but preaches patience

Andrew McCarthyover 8 years


Aritcle written by:Andrew McCarthyAndrew McCarthy
Kentucky Barker Football   Friday was a big day for UK football. You know that. I know that. Even UK great Freddie Maggard knows that. In a conversation with Larry Vaught, the former Kentucky quarterback spoke about the Barker commitment, as well as the significance of keeping players like him and Jason Hatcher in-state. Each of those commitments, Maggard said, are indicative of a new staff that "comes in and closes."   What separates Barker from those two, though, is his early commitment to the program. Because of that, he'll be able to play a larger role in recruiting (see: earlier Braxton Berrios post). Said Maggard on Barker's role going forward:  
“A successful class usually has a vocal leader within its ranks... A nationally-known recruit such as Barker can help sell the UK program to his peers. Today, they all talk to each other. Having an influential leader that is totally committed is like having another coach on the road recruiting.”
  And as to those Tim Couch comparisons?  
"Those are huge shoes to fill. I do think with this coaching staff, he'll develop into the best Drew Barker he can be. That should be good enough."
  You heard the man. Drew Barker might just end up changing this program, both through his play and recruiting ability, but let's put the Tim Couch comparisons on ice for a little. He was the No. 1 overall pick after all.   Tempered expectations aside though, no matter how you slice it, Drew Barker's commitment was a banner day for the Cats. Just ask Freddie Maggard.     [Larry Vaught: Former Kentucky QB thinks Drew Barker's commitment will impact UK football]    

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