Freddy Fleet and His Band with a Beat and Kentucky Football

Matt Jonesalmost 11 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
This site sometimes skews is why we have the pictures of the Fans of the Day, all the pop culture references and The Drew Franklin. But some of us are old souls and if you listened to today's Kentucky Sports Radio show on 1080 AM, you heard us suggest that the UK Marching Band should take a page from Freddy Fleet and His Band with a Beat. We wondered if one day the band could take an historically black college band and switch them for our band like this famous Andy Griffith Show episode. In it, the Mayberry Band wants to play in the State Competition in Raleigh...but they stink and the mayor doesnt want to send them to Raleigh to get embarassed. So when the hipster band "Freddy Fleet and His Band with the Beat," Andy gets an idea to put them in the Mayberry Band uniforms and let them rock out. Its a great episode and the radio folks seemed to like the memories. For those of you who missed it, or whose viewing of tv doesnt go before Gilmore Girls, here is a summary of the episode, including the worst rendition of "Stars and Stripes Forever" that one could ever hear:

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