French Bulldog elected mayor of Rabbit Hash, Kentucky

French Bulldog elected mayor of Rabbit Hash, Kentucky

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonabout 1 year


We are fans of very good dogs here at Kentucky Sports Radio, so this morning, we toast our coffee and tea to Wilbur, a French bulldog who was elected mayor of Rabbit Hash, Kentucky on Tuesday.

Wilbur beat out Jack Rabbit the beagle and Poppy the golden retriever, finishing with 13,143 of the 22,985 total votes, the largest turnout ever in Rabbit Hash. He replaces Brynneth Pawltro, a rescued pit bull mix, who won back in 2016. Both Jack Rabbit and Poppy will become Rabbit Hash Ambassadors, a nice consolation prize.

Since 1998, Rabbit Hash residents have elected dogs as mayor as part of a fundraiser for the Rabbit Hash Historical Society, which owns the town. Each vote costs $1 and proceeds go towards maintaining the town’s historical buildings.

Don’t let the power go to your head, Wilbur.


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