Friday Five: Best Five UK Basketball Haircuts
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Friday Five: Best Five UK Basketball Haircuts

Shawn Bridwellabout 14 years


Article written by:Shawn BridwellShawn Bridwell
Folks, every Friday I will do a "Friday Five" featuring a category of five random things that relate to UK athletics.  This week, it is the five best haircuts of Kentucky basketball players. Enjoy.  #5) Todd Svoboda Ah, Nothing like the high and tight military cut. It brings a sense of fear and respect(too bad his basketball skills couldn't do the same). #4) Rob Lock Nothing like rocking the Dirk Diggler look. About the only thing uglier than this cut was Lock running up and down the court. #3) Rex Chapman The semi mullet/rat tail. Nothing drove the ladies crazier in the 80's than the rat tail. Perfect. #2) Derrick Miller The box cut. Is there really any explanation needed to describe just how awesome this style was? #1) Mike Phillips And the #1 style goes to Mike Phillips and his Chia Pet hair-do. Bravo, Mike. Bravo.

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