Friday Five
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Friday Five

Shawn Bridwellalmost 14 years


Article written by:Shawn BridwellShawn Bridwell
Cats Trip To Assembly Hall For First Time Since 1990 It has been seventeen years since the Cats last played a basketball game in historic Assembly hall in an 87-84 Loss to the #7 ranked Hoosiers. That Kentucky team was still in the midst of probation and attempting to put the pieces of the program back together. Oddly enough, this Kentucky squad is somewhat similar to the one that lost a close one in Bloomington that season. Kentucky has one stud on its roster, Patrick Patterson. In the 90-91 year, the cats had super freshman Jamal Mashburn. The talent at the guard position is more athletic than the 90' UK team, but shooting wise it isn't even close. Also the Hoosiers had a dynamite scorer in Calbert Cheaney, much like unbelievable freshman Eric Gordon has been so far for IU this season. A lot of similarities between the last meeting and the one that will take place Saturday at 4pm. My Pick: IU 75 KY 66 John Brady...You Are Terrible Let’s face it, there are some coaches out there in college basketball that just plain stink. No coach represents that category more than LSU's John Brady. LSU lead Villanova by TWENTY ONE points with 8:30 to go in the second half last night only to lose 68-67. Brady has lost plenty of games over the years he has had no business losing, but last night just takes the cake. Now that Stan Heath has left the SEC, Brady solely holds the honor of worse bench coach in the history of the conference in my opinion. Have you seen the athletic talent on this team? I am sorry, but a team stocked with athletes who can't protect a twenty one point lead with under ten to play are the most undisciplined bunch I have ever seen. On a side note however, man would Anthony Randolph look good in a Kentucky Jersey. Johnson To Georgia Tech If there is one thing that I love about football, it is the option play. With correct execution it can be the hardest offense to contain if you have the needed athletes and good decesion makers. That is why I am so excited about Georgia Tech announcing the hiring of former Navy coach Paul Johnson. Johnson is a star in the coaching industry who burns the midnight oil at every chance possible to better his football team. There was nothing better than watching Tommy Frazier and Lawrence Phillips tear through the entire college football world in route to back to back national championships in 1994 and 1995. With Nebraska ditching the Option attack when Frank Solich left, Georgia Tech will now become the only team in a BCS conference that will run a TRUE option offense. To be honest with you, I can't wait. Like I previously stated, the option is a thing of beauty when it is executed correctly. Georgia Tech is going to become a force in the ACC in no time. "Why do you shoot so many threes?" "Because there are no fours" Matt joins revisited this brilliant statement by Toine last night on the radio show. Antoine Walker has never been the type to shy away from attention, and it was business as usual after one game a reporter asked Toine "Why do you shoot so many three's?" Which in a masterful display of answering Toine fired back "because there are no fours." The picture above can pretty much plant all of the highlights of Antoine in your head at Kentucky and during his tenure in the NBA. His little shimmy that he does just drives the women crazy, yet drives the coaches insane. Bonds Pleads Not Guilty Barry Bonds pleaded not guilty Friday to charges he lied to federal investigators about using performance-enhancing drugs. The home run king's arraignment in U.S. District Court marked his first public appearance since a Nov. 15 indictment charging him with four counts of perjury and one of obstruction of justice If he's convicted of all five charges Bonds could spend more than two years in prison. In other news, I just sharted.

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