Friday Morning Ramblings
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Friday Morning Ramblings

Shawn Bridwellabout 14 years


Article written by:Shawn BridwellShawn Bridwell

-While I can't say the Willie Williams saga is surprising, it does shed light on the current state that the Louisville football program is settled in at this time. 

Bobby Petrino and staff made a living out of taking heralded players who for whatever reason could not make it at other institutions, and helped ground their egos and troubles while producing their football talents.  Coach Petrino demanded the best from his players and would refuse to accept anything less. That is the main reason he molded the Cardinals into a juggernaut for the past two seasons. Players respected Petrino for what his vision was for the program, but also feared him as well. That combination is what instills discipline in a team. According to Eric Crawford’s article in the Courier Journal this morning, the Cardinals averaged five penalties per game last season; this year the number is a whopping 9.5. In 2006 Louisville committed eight personal foul penalties for the season. They reached that number after two contests under new head coach Steve Kragthorpe. Then you have the miss tackles on defense, the dropped passes on offense, and well…..bad coaching. At this point, maybe other than a selected few, it seems like the inmates are running the asylum from an outsiders view.

-Enough of Louisville, the Cats get back to work tomorrow afternoon against a team lead by a well known legend in the state of Kentucky, head Coach Howard Schnellenberger.

Howard played tight end for the Cats and helped promote a dream for Louisville football to one day compete for national titles. The Florida Atlantic Owls are a programmed that has been formed from scratch, and in only their sixth season stand 3-1 with convincing wins over Middle Tennessee State(hmmm….we know what you are thinking) as well as Minnesota. As with any Florida team, you know there are athletes with speed who can make plays. Kentucky needs to come out and take care of business early, and hope to get their starters on the sidelines in the second half to start getting there legs back underneath them for a short week before clashing with the Visor on ESPN next Thursday night. The Cats have been rather inconsistent this season in various areas of the game. Some people point to this contest as a trap game if you will, however I think Kentucky puts together its most complete game to date, and the out come will be decided before halftime.

-As Matt Jones stated a few days ago, the

Kentucky fan frenzy with you tube is really something else. Look, I understand individuals create these videos for amusement, but it seems like a handful (and growing) of Kentucky fans really think they are providing valuable footage to the viewers. I mean, who doesn’t want to see HKA portraying not only Andre Woodson, but morphing into Keenan Burton at the same time to catch a touchdown pass. Fascinating and incredible footage by our fellow cat fans to say the least. We can only imagine this time next week who the next up and coming Kentucky You Tube star will be and what exactly will be his forte. -Kentucky Sports Radio broadcast live last night from Longheads bar and grill on
Dixie Highway
in which will be an every week event on Thursday’s. Other than some technical difficulties, in which I know Matt just loved, it was a good time. Be sure to come out next week and listen to the show before the Cats clash with the Gamecocks. Longheads is a very pro Kentucky bar, so get there early as it usually is wall to wall with Blue during games. Cold drinks, and from the looks of Matt’s plate last night, very good food as well.

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