Friday night football party

Hunter Campbellabout 11 years


randall-cobb With the basketball team's trip to the great white north this weekend taking most of the headlines, Saturday's first scrimmage for the football Cats has gotten a little lost in the shuffle. Here to fix that is yours truly, with a collection of scrimmage-eve linkage that you can cozy up to. 1 - Joker told the media today that the QB race is 'hot and heavy' and that the triumvirate is competing hard every day. They'll all get plenty of snaps in the scrimmage, and consistency will be a major determining factor in the race for the starting job, which is appropriate since Joker has consistently given us no indication in any direction who will be taking snaps for the Cats. 2 - Speaking of Kentucky's arms race, ESPN's SEC know-it-all Chris Low ranked all the quarterbacks in the conference. Mike Hartline ranked 9th, ahead of Miss. St.'s Chris Relf, Tennessee's Matt Simms and whoever plays for Vanderbilt. Georgia freshman Aaron Murray and Auburn's Cameron Newton rank just ahead of Hartline. 3 - Low also opened up his not-quite-as-entertaining-as-Bill Simmons' mailbag and titled it 'Ode to Randall Cobb.' You can read it for yourself, but just know that the line 'for my money, Cobb is one of the best football players -- period -- in this league,' appears in there and that reading about Randall Cobb makes me want football season to start tomorrow just to watch him destroy people. 4 - The Worldwide Leader's recruiting department breaks down the recruiting picture for the Cats thus far. A lot of good stuff about 'Operation: Win' and the impact the plan is having on the recruiting trail. Also a pretty lengthy rundown of who the staff has secured for this year's class and who they're still looking at. 5 - Finally, Sports Illustrated predicts the season for the SEC, and projects Kentucky to finish with a record of 4-4, good for a second-place tie with Georgia and South Carolina in the Eastern Division. In addition to being the first second-place divisional finish in history for the Cats, that outcome would mean an 8-4 season, a solid bowl bid and a huge boost of momentum for Coach Phillips heading into year two. I think we could all live with that. Except Beisner, who has publicly stated he will not be happy with less than 11 wins. That is all.

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