Friday Randoms.....
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Friday Randoms.....

Matt Jonesabout 14 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
ukfans.jpeg For more anti-Louisville screeds, go to Panther Rants, a Pitt blog that is truly hating on the Ville Thanks to all the folks who gave me congrats on the bar swearing was a neat day in Frankfort and I was able to be introduced at the ceremony by my mom for a moment I will always remember. Now bring your Kentucky law work to me as quickly as possible. ;) A few randoms on a Friday..... (1) Saddest news of the day or many days....Woo was cut today by the Pacers. My man Obrzut knew all along that it was a long shot for him to make the team, but as Training Camp went on, he continued to make a good impression and got closer and closer. Ultimately he came up a little short, but dont be surprised if he is called up if a big man gets injured. They have asked him to remain in the States for the first couple of months in case of that possibility. Woo in the NBA....keep the dream alive! (2) Tough news from Media Day about Derrick Jasper's recovery status. It is looking more and more like his knee recovery is going to go well into the season and will cause continual problems throughout the year. Kentucky has the depth at the position to sustain, but Jasper could be VERY valuable this year as the 4th (big) guard in any attempts at a 4 guard offense. Hopefully his recovery time will improve.... (3) Big news today concerning Jacob Tamme from UK: University of Kentucky tight end Jacob Tamme has been chosen as one of the 2007 National Scholar-Athletes by the National Football Foundation and College Hall of Fame and will receive an $18,000 post-graduate scholarship. Tamme is one of 15 players from around the nation, including all classifications of collegiate football, to be recognized. He is now a finalist for the prestigious Draddy Award, which goes to the NFF’s top scholar-athlete in the country. The Draddy will be announced, and Tamme will receive his National Scholar-Athlete Award, at the annual NFF Awards Dinner on Dec. 4 in New York City. Great news for Jacob.....we all should be proud of Andre's Heisman big, Keenan's nomination for the WR award, Woodyard for the LB award, etc.....but Tamme's academic accomplishments are just as impressive and he deserves to be saluted. (4) Our friend Brian Eldridge over at Kentucky Sports Report (which between Brian, Darrell Cartwright and Larry Vaught did a GREAT job reporting on SEC Media Days by the way), told of an interesting exchange today involving Billy Clyde and Jerry Tipton. I wont steal Brian's thunder, but the gist of the story is that Billy Clyde was upset about a question concerning the Patterson illness story from earlier in the week. The interplay between Billy Clyde and the press will be one to watch this year and one I am interested in following. The Kentucky press can do ridiculous things, as showcased by the Bromley report that we talked about yesterday, and Billy Clyde can be prickly at times. I expect more interesting interplays as the year goes on.....and hopefully I will be involved in none of them. (5) Ralph Sampson III committed to Minnesota and Tubby Smith today. Not a surprise and truly a move that is best for all parties. I didnt think (and still dont think) Sampson is good enough for what Kentucky needs, but I do think he will be good at Minnesota and is a good pickup for Tubby. Kentucky does not need a player like Sampson on the roster (Carter and the Member are enough), so Sampson as a Gopher is the best for everyone in my view. Below are the segments from Wednesday's show with Aaron Boyd and Winston Guy (click on the names, not the arrows or you get chipmunk talk). Look for more all day, including our Jared Carter player preview and Rob's football recruiting roundup: Aaron Boyd interview and Recruiting talk Winston Guy interview and UK-Miss State talk Saturday Football Preview and overall silliness

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