Fulmer's last stand?
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Fulmer's last stand?

Thomas Beisnerabout 13 years


Article written by:Thomas BeisnerThomas Beisner
Tennessee coach Phil Fulmer is just about set to take a massive beating to the Gators once again and, with a tough schedule ahead that could possibly lead him to start the year 1-3, might be on the hotseat.  The UT fans are in an uproar as usual about how they feel about Fat Fulmer and a simple google search returns 2 sites designed solely to get him out of Knoxville.  Here are a few of my favorite comments: "We won't even get a TD. Fulmer will be skinned alive, hanged, and dumped in the Tennessee River by Monday." "Who do I call about trying to get on the UT football schedule? We have a pretty good football team at Bucknell University and are undefeated. If we played UT I know we could still be undefeated and we probably would make some "jack" too!" "If you ever even suspected Tennessee has a tremendous home field advantage, just look at the spread for the Florida game. No. 34 Tennessee vs. No. 4 Florida, a 7 point spread. Are you kidding me? That would be similar to Kentucky playing USC in Lexington and being only a 7 point underdog. Tennessee needs to improve in a hurry. If they had to play Miss. St., South Carolina, Georgia, Kentucky, Vandy, or Auburn today, they would lose them all." "We won, but let me tell you Fla. will beat us like a drum. Playing UAB is like playing UTC. We should have done whatever we wanted and when we wanted to UAB, did not happen. Alot of empty seats today who the hell wants to sit out in god awful heat to watch such a humdrum game." "Coach, put the white kids in. Austin Rogers etc. Except for Stoker. Hope you already have sent him to the showers." And, my favorite. Tennessee, the basketball school: "I didn't know we could play the same team three times in one year. Prediction: UT 38, UAB/No. Illinois/Wyoming 14. Here's the rest of the year: UT Vol homers get stoked after beating UABNIW. We're back in the NT hunt, baby. Then: UF 62, UT 24 Oh well, we can still win the SEC. That's just one loss. UGly 42, UT 13 Auburn 38, UT 6 Hey, maybe the East is still in play. Then, the great turnaround: UT 27, The Chicken 10 UT 24, Miss. State 21 And the big upset that will seal Foolmer's future for at least another decade: UT 34, Bama 31 Then comes good ole UK: UT 20, UK 3 And, last and usually the least: UT 28, Vandy 24 after VU leads 24-14 at the start of the fourth quarter. What a finish! On to the Peach Bowl! 5 more years of Fatarse Phil!! Thank God for basketball... "

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