Funniest player on the UK football team results are in!

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Aritcle written by:Jack PilgrimJack Pilgrim
[caption id="attachment_204190" align="aligncenter" width="600"] "I'd love to sign your baby." - Chris Westry[/caption] About a week and a half ago, I posted a throwback to the past two UK Media Days, where former Wildcat DT Cory "C.J." Johnson stole the show by diving into his pooping habits to bring out the immature child in each of the media members in attendance. This hilarious moment sparked the question: Who will steal the show at this year's Media Day as the funniest player on the team? Chris Westry and De'Niro Laster were considered the finalists in an anonymous vote by various players on the team, and I tested them both at Media Day to come up with a champion. I asked both finalists to sway the vote and give their opinion on the matter. Chris Westry's argument: "To be honest. You ready? I don’t know. I feel like we both have our different elements of comedy. De’Niro is more of a physically funny guy, I’m more of a joke funny guy. I can make you laugh with a joke. De’Niro can make you laugh with his movements, his dancing, and just being a goof ball all around. It just depends on what type of comedy you're looking for. But overall, I feel that I win that contest." De'Niro Laster's argument: "I’m funnier because I’m just funny. I’m just funny all the time, even when I don’t even try to be funny. I have no idea what Chris means by "physical" funny, he’s just crazy honestly. But people say it’s the way I talk, sometime people just laugh at that for no reason. I have no clue. But overall, I’m the funniest. No question." Final decision: Chris Westry takes the gold, and it wasn't even as close as I thought it'd be. Westry bounced around from teammate to teammate, making fun of them, tossing out smack talk, and goofing around with each media member in the process. Each interview he gave was priceless, as well. Here's just one example: (shoutout to CN2 for capturing me in the background, as well) Pat yourself on the back, Chris. You did it.   Honorable mentions: Jordan Jones was pretty hilarious, he had a level of swagger to him that made me chuckle a few times. Apparently his goofiness has gotten him in the dog house with Stoops, so points are deducted for that reason alone. Sorry, kid. Derrick Baity bantered back and forth with almost everyone he talked to, especially the guys at KSTV and CN2. He definitely had his moments, especially making fun of Chris Westry's basketball abilities. Dorian Baker had a few moments, including a spot-pose, fall to the ground that everyone got a kick out of. He tried to be on his best behavior, so props to him for showing that veteran leadership. Doesn't help you in this competition though, Dorian.   Overall, the entire team is pretty hilarious and full of character. Each of them had a level of swagger I haven't seen around the football team in quite some time. Hopefully that translates to positive results on the field.

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