Game Faces - Tennessee Volunteers

Game Faces - Tennessee Volunteers

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Well, Chandler Parsons definitely did not play like Blanche Devereaux on Saturday night. Today is a new day, however, and a new opponent is in town. The Tennessee Volunteers may not have Gary Goleman, but Melvin Goins is going to give it his best try. golden3tyson I'm Trae Golden. You might see me all orange, all white. Everyday, everyday. I ain't gon' lie, but I'm Trae Golden. I am... I'ma ballplayer. I was born to be a ballplayer. That's why I've been doin' like athletic. I''t gon' lie. Hit me up. I'm 20, next year I'ma be...wait, what...yeah, yup. REMIX! hopson2kid-n-play1 Scotty Hopson, despite being Kentucky-bred, looks like he could be from NYC/Hollywood. Accordingly, his soft approach to the game belongs in Beverly Hills. Which guy does he look like? Kid or play, you decide. I suggest Scotty add the orange highlights to the top. Brucie approves. summittsummitt2 Tyler Summit's match was pretty obvious. Check out their matching smiles and scowls. Now, if momma could just teach her little cub some man skills, then he might make something of himself. Alas, we all know which of these two is packing more heat, if you catch my drift. And, yes, Tyler is wearing a Lady Vols jersey, AA cup. tatum21katt Cam Tatum, as this picture shows, recently signed up for Teddy Dupay's S'BOALNATION and is currently enjoying the benefits. We know things are bad when our rivals are teaming up against us. Hopefully, Cam promotes the revolt against the prohibition of cannibus for his pre-game tonight. Pimp down! mcbeefred-figglehorn Skylar McBee loves YouTube, so I hear. But, I beg of you, Skylar: please, never make a video of your whiny, excruciatingly obnoxious voice like Fredd Figglehorn. I'm tempted to link Fred here, but he does not deserve the hits and our reader's heads might pop off, thus causing them to miss the game. Keep shooting, Skylar. I have a feeling your dad looks like this, though. harris2william Tobias Harris and Brian Williams look pretty similar, except that you would have to feed Tobias about six to eight meals per day to get him up to Williams' size. These two could factor very heavily into tonight's game. On one hand, Harris is not yet 100% recovered from his injury. On the other hand, he could be matched up against Eloy at some point. pearlscala2 What do Steven Pearl and Brian Scalabrine have in common? They are both white and should never play in the NBA. One got lucky, and the other got Bruce Pearl for a dad. Go Cats! Here's to seeing us turn the corner, or at least getting a win.

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