Game (of Thrones) Reset

Game (of Thrones) Reset

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download (34) Having experienced our own version of the "Red Wedding" last Saturday night, what better way to help move on from the tragedy of the Final Four than to rejoin our old friends in Westeros as Game of Thrones returns this Sunday on HBO.  I know what many of you are probably thinking, "Bo Ryan kind of looks like Walder Frey" "what in the world was going on at the end of season four?"  Well friends I am here to give you a well-organized look at where all of the main GoT pieces are set as we get ready for this upcoming season.  Of course, there will be SPOILERS.  Seriously though: bo-ryan better walder frey Daenerys Targaryen: At the end of Season 4, Dany is facing some serious administrative difficulties in her quest to retake the Iron Throne.  She's got freed slaves wanting to be slaves again, she sent off her (formerly) trusted advisor Jorah Mormont because of the whole spying thing, and her dragons are roasting the local livestock.  To make matters worse she has to chain up two of her unruly dragons while the third is out creating more destruction than the Allstate Mayhem guy.  Nothing can delay retaking a kingdom like bureaucracy. Arya Stark:  After travelling with the Hound and developing an almost "buddy-comedy" relationship with him, Arya finally gets her revenge.  Having been badly wounded in a battle with Brienne of Tarth (female Dolph Lundgren), the Hound asks Arya to finish him off rather than let him suffer.  Arya instead takes his money and leaves him for dead.  She is last seen catching a boat to Braavos using the coin that Jaqen H'aghar gave her in season 2. Jon Snow: After the epic cinematic sequence that was the battle on the Wall, Snow rode beyond the Wall to kill confront Mance Rayder and attempt to end the war.  Conveniently enough, Stannis Baratheon shows up with his army and sweeps through the Wildling camp thus effectively concluding the conflict.  Jon now appears to be the de facto leader of the Night's Watch and is also now directly drawn into the conflict for the Iron Throne.  There is much on the line, yet by all accounts, Jon Snow still knows nothing. Stannis Baratheon: Stannis makes his most aggressive move since Blackwater (Season 2) by entering the Seven Kingdoms through the North and the Wall.  Stannis' army shows up just in time to end the war between the Night's Watch and the Wildling army, and now he is now poised to make a move to King's Landing through the North.  Along with Davos Seaworth and Melisandre, Stannis is ready to make a final move for the Iron Throne. Tyrion Lannister:  Tyrion went out with a bang in season 4, leaving his father with multiple crossbow bolts in the chest while he sat the crapper.  This came moments after Tyrion strangled his ex, Shae, to death.  Of course these events were preceded by that amazing speech he gave during his trial condemning all of King's Landing.  Tyrion, now public enemy number one, was last seen stowing away on a boat with the Spider himself, Varys, sneaking off for Essos.  With no money, no friends, and being the most wanted man in the Seven Kingdoms, Tyrion will likely be inclined to make some serious alliances to once again be a player for the Iron Throne. Margaery Tyrell:  Not exactly grieving her husband, Joffrey, Margaery positioned herself to be married to Joffrey's younger brother and new king, Tommen Baratheon.  Margaery's storyline largely fades in the second half of Season 4, but not before she turned her charm on Tommen.  Margaery knows that Tommen is her claim to power, a claim which Tommen's mother Cersei will likely try to take hold of as well. Cersei and Jamie Lannister:  Their kingdom is completely collapsing around them.  Power for Cersei and Jamie is slipping through their hands like water.  With Joffrey and Tywin dead, both Lannister claims to power are effectively cut off.    Joffrey's widow, Margaery Tyrell, is set to marry Joffrey's brother Tommen, Cersei's youngest son.  Cersei fears Margaery's influence over Tommen will sway him away from her.  Jamie has been a mess since returning to King's Landing, unable to be of any use to anyone.  The rumors of Cersei and Jamie's incestuous relationship have also been swirling for months and the people of King's Landing do not fear the Lannister name as they once did.  Between anti-Lannister sentiment and the people's love for Margaery, Cersei and Jamie may find themselves at the mercy of others, which is a position they neither want or are used to. Sansa and Littlefinger:  When last we saw Sansa and Littlefinger in the Eyrie, Sansa had just covered for Littlefinger after he murdered her Aunt Lysa.  Sansa appeared to have finally embraced the "game" she was involved in, the game in which manipulation is the primary goal and others' emotions are the ultimate tool to achieve that goal.  Now aware of Littlefinger's feelings for her (or in a weird way, for her mother), Sansa seems ready to become a major player in the quest for the Iron Throne.  Hopefully someone will throw Robin through that Moon Door. The Fellowship of Bran Stark: Bran, Jojen, Meera, and Hodor finally get to the Heart Tree from Jojen's visions only to be attacked by a bunch of skeletons.  Jojen is killed, but the rest are saved by one of the mythical Children of the Forest.  Bran finds out that he will never walk again, but he will fly.  It is unclear who the person is telling him this, though personally I think it's Jafar disguised as the old beggar from Aladdin.  Reports have come out that Bran's story will not be featured in Season 5, so to help you get by: R.I.P Oberyn Martell- Head smashed in. Lysa Tully- Pushed by Petyr Baelish through the Moon Door which she used to throw people because she was crazy. The Hound- Mortally wounded by Brienne of Tarth.  Begged for Arya to finish him off, but she left him to suffer from his wounds. Joffrey Lannister Baratheon- Poisoned by Petyr Baelish at his wedding.  The world rejoiced. Tywin Lannister- Shot multiple times with a crossbow by Tyrion whilst sitting on a different throne. Ygritte- Killed during the invasion of the Wall.  Died in Jon's arms after hesitating to kill him. Jojen- Stabbed multiple times in the stomach by a headless skeleton.  Took it like a champ though. And not but not least...Winter is coming. white walker  

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