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orange_crush_logo_patch  Good morning!  Can you feel that buzz in the air?  Feels like a great day to start a winning streak against the Low Down Vols.  I can't wait for this game.  Commonwealth is going to have an atmosphere like we haven't seen in a long time.  I'm predicting the Cats win 35-20.  Matt has (maybe unwisely) left me in charge today and I'll be putting you all through the GameDay paces.  I figured we'd start the morning off with a nice batch of links, some relevant, some not, but all for your reading pleasure- --Friend of KSR, Chip Cosby, writes a piece that quotes Christian Johnson as saying that "(Fans) will tear Lexington apart.  The fans and the citizens of Lexington will run crazy until the sun comes up.  And I'm going to be a part of it."  comes up with 5 ways to beat the Cats.  None of them are good.  You won't stop Randall Cobb on this night.  No, sir. recently updated its 2010 Mock Draft.  Of course,  The Great Wall of Kentucky still sits at #1, primed to steal Devin Harris' starting spot in New Jersey (An aside: Is NJ going to actually win a game this year?  They sit at 0-16, one loss to the Lakers away from the worst start in NBA history.  Think about it, Johnny.  You might want to stick around for another year.)  What else is interesting about the mock is that one UK player is climbing, another is sliding. --So the truth starts coming out in the Tiger Woods saga.  Turns out, his smoking hot model of a wife probably wasn't using the golf club for the right reasons.  And don't judge me for reading  Funniest tweet I saw yesterday was from former UK big man and current Denver Nuggets exec Bret Bearup- "It's taken a while, but this morning I finally outdrove Tiger Woods." --Finally, since it's my day to run the show, I'll post this link that I'm sure only about 4 of you will appreciate, and probably then only the people in my graduate program who read the blog.  It's an article from that compares Bill Belichick's call to go for it on 4th down against the Colts to the War in Afghanistan.  It makes the case that Darth Hoodie made the right call. We'll have plenty more throughout the day, including Matt Jones Live Blogging the UT game.  So go grab yourself an Orange Crush at Speedway and get ready to win our 8th game of the season.  Go Cats!

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