Garrett Morris' Friday News and Views

Garrett Morris' Friday News and Views

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yt No matter who you are, if you have a sense of humor, you at one point liked Saturday Night Live. The best way to start an argument at any party, besides asking people about their opinions on Hillary Clinton, is to start a debate as to which Saturday Night Live cast was the best. Many times people, in order to seem cool and hip, will insist it was the beginning group and that "everything else was downhill." While that opinion isnt correct (Will Ferrell is the best ever cast member in the show's history....discuss), it certainly is the case that many great skits were created by that initial group. An often forgotten member of those initial casts is Garrett Morris, today's birthday honoree. Morris, who all too often has been dismissed only as the token black member of the early class, produced two skits that are still quoted around my parts all the time. There is the famous Chico Escuela "Baseball has been berry berry good to me" ditty and (my personal favorite), his role as the head of the New York Institute for the Hard of Hearing, where he did the "closed captioning" by simply screaming the words louder for those with hearing loss. Morris really didnt have much of a career after SNL (mirroring the fate of almost all not named Bill Murray, Eddie Murphy, Adam Sandler and Chris Rock), but will forever be linked to that initial class....especially since he is one of the few who remained alive and didnt find a way to kill himself. So Happy Birthday Garrett! To the news.... (1) CRAWFORD STAYS INJURED: Today saw the SEC Teleconference of Coach Billy Clyde and his now standard updates on the continued injuries of the walking wounded Kentucky team. The big news today is that Joe Crawford still hasnt practiced since the Tennessee game and is doubtful Saturday in Georgia. Crawford's movement is still hindered and the injury is healing at a slow rate. At this point unofficially, the UK folks are still targeting the Alabama game at home for a return, but even that isnt for sure. In other news Derrick Jasper is practicing but still somewhat limited, although he is expected to go on Saturday. (2) PLAYERS HEADED ELSEWHERE: It was a tough day for the Football Cats as Michael "Nobody Love him like his" McAdoo ended up picking the Tar Heels of UNC over the Cats late in the process. Losing McAdoo after the decommitment of Willie Bohannon means that two very talented Tennessee defensive players both slipped from Kentucky's hands at the last minute, leaving them with a little less star power on the defensive front. McAdoo has the potential to be great and the loss does hurt. In other news, Ken Bowman, the JUCO big man that had been linked to Kentucky, committed today to Maryland. It is unclear whether Bowman ever received a Kentucky offer, but they at one time were pursuing him hard and were interested in his services. (3) CURFEW: In the "it may only interest me" category of news, the Kentucky basketball team got a relief from a semester-long curfew in the last couple of days thanks to improved performance on the court and in the classroom. I know that sports teams need curfew, but I cant imagine going to college with a curfew. For me, a big part of college was going out in the middle of the night with the Turkey Hunter, Mosley, Tomlin and others and heading to the Waffle House, where we would inevitably see Nazr Mohammed plugging away at some Bert's Chili and enjoying his late night snack. To not be able to do that has to cramp their college style. Although with the ladies that I have seen these UK guys with recently, I wouldnt feel sorry for this group one bit. (4) SHELVIN MACK TIME?: Who is the best player that no one talks about around these parts? Well the easy answer is Bryan Station power player, Shelvin Mack, who is taking the state by storm and making a case to be named in the same sentence with the more heralded names like Hopson and Miller. Mack continues to put up 30+ point games and has Bryan Station as likely the best team in the state and on pace to make a run at a state title. Mack committed to Butler, but his options are starting to increase. An Indianapolis newspaper reports that UK has made some initial contact and is considering giving a look to the hometown guy. With the roster that Kentucky currently has, the Cats could do a lot worse than get Mack, who will be a very good player wherever he goes. Watch how this develops in the coming weeks....if Mack takes Bryan Station to a state title, the pressure may be on to get the hometown kid....and from what I hear, Mack's ears would certainly be open to that possibility. (5) LADY CATS: Lets give a shout tonight to the UK Lady Cats who won on the road at Georgia, marking the first road defeat of a Top 25 team since 1997 for the team. Matthew Mitchell's womens team is now 5-2 in the SEC and has truly come a long way since some early season struggles. This is their second victory in the last three games over a Top 25 opponent and the team is set up well in the SEC and showing improvement every day. You can feel Mitchell's energy everytime you see him and it is great to see a huge victory by the Cats on the road in the impossible SEC. Things are crazy here in Louisville as we open our new law firm on Monday, which has made for lesser amounts of posts. We hope to remedy the situation this weekend, but expect more stuff later today, including the Know Your Enemy on the Georgia Bulldogs. Until then..... Oh and here is a video of that blowhard Chris Berman freaking out and acting like a spoiled baby....enjoy....

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