Gary Larson's Tuesday News and Views

Gary Larson's Tuesday News and Views

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Today’s birthday is from the individual that I can confidently call my favorite cartoonist of all time (not a huge statement mind you as I can only name Charles Shultz and the guy who wrote Doonesbury as the runners up). Gary Larson produced “The Far Side” for many years and specialized in comics that provided jokes for thinking folks, otherwise known as dorks. Most of the comics had some connection to science, wildlife or mathematics and usually were the types of creations that your college professor would have hanging in his office right next to a picture of Freud or Wittgenstein as an example of his “quirky” sense of humor. I was always a fan of Larson mainly because it was comedy that could be enjoyed by almost everyone (except the very dumb). While I love most modern comedians, if we are all honest, the vast majority of them are not the type that we can necessarily share with our parents or co-workers. But The Far Side could always be enjoyed by people of all ages, thus allowing me something to laugh at with my father (whose sense of humor is similar to mine to the degree that we both love this and the great Frank and Earnest). So today, give it up for Larson, and enjoy a couple of his more famous works below….




To the news……

(1) I said we would have no more words on Scotty Hopson a day ago, but today’s events force us to do another quick update. Long story short, Hopson’s mother spoke with Jerry Tipton and other internet sources today to clear up one thing. Yes, Scotty has considered backing out of his commitment to Mississippi State at some point, but at this point he is still going to play for the Bulldogs. Or is it that he was considering going to Mississippi State, but they visited UK this weekend and now who knows? Or is it that no one visited UK and now Mississippi State is where they were going all along and everyone who says otherwise is incorrect? All of the stories seem to suggest a different variation, so it is unclear what the real truth of the matter is at this time. But here is what we do know. Hopson isnt committed to UK right now and there is no concrete evidence that he will do anything but sign in Starkville in November. Now with that, hopefully we can go a bit before we get back to Hopson.

(2) UK football recieved bad news yet again yesterday with the story that Nii Adjei Oniniku is out for the season with injuries to his MCL and ACL. For those that have been UK football fans for a number of years, this news is nothing but a painful reminder of what seems to be a permanent curse on the program. While Oniniku may be replaced on the field (see Rob’s post below), it is very difficult not to feel that huge baggage of UK seasons past with this news. Hopefully this will be the worst of the injuries to come during the preseason.

(3) Ready for a little rumor…..story coming out of Lexington today that one of the fiercest battles of the summer offseason programs has been the shooting contests between Patrick Patterson and Ramel Bradley. A little birdie told me that these two young men (who along with Ramon Harris have been said to be the hardest workers this off season) are engaging in games of HORSE that are becoming semi-legendary around the new practice facility. They both are apparently masters of the trick shot and while Bradley takes Patrick outside, Patrick is the king of the bank and off-the-floor put-ins. The series is apparently close and the battles continue……

(4) Finally, expect to hear much more in the next few days about 09 and 10 recruits who will be taking unofficial visits to UK around the time of Midnight Madness. I am hearing that this staff wants to make Midnight Madness a “showcase” event once again at the University and use it to win over recruits en masse. Last season was the first time in the last few years that the staff took that strategy, and it netted them two recruits in AJ Stewart and Patrick Patterson. Hopefully we will see it again this season as the best pre-season event in America is utilized to its fullest potential.

More as the day goes on….read below for the status of Matt and Rob and the radio….and check back in this afternoon for more football info and the introduction of a new Kentucky Sports Radio poster…..And yes, to answer your question, I did watch the premiere of “The Hills” and no, I am not ashamed of that one bit…..

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