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Gator Hater

Gerry DiNardoabout 14 years


Article written by:Gerry DiNardoGerry DiNardo
hater.jpg There has been a lot of focus on the LSU game this week, but I would much rather send Gator fans home unhappy than any other from the SEC. My distain for the University of Florida has been cultivated for as long as I can remember, and has only continued to grow. Where did it come from and why do I dislike a school that I have never been to? Here are some very possible factors: steve_spurrier_full_length_florida.jpg Steve Spurrier Not much more can be said about this man that wasn’t said (and then reinforced) before the Carolina game. He still is the reason I don’t like Florida. I’m not sure if there was anyone before him who was as bad, but in my book, he is the Pied Piper of all around terribleness in Gainesville. There are undoubtedly people at UF who I may like, but just as King Louis II of France did in 877, one person has successfully set the standard for sucking for an entire mass of people. noah.jpg Joakim Noah Is there any one player who was so universally disliked as poor Joakim was in his years at Florida? The Camryn Manheim of the repeat National Championship firm, Noah made no friends anywhere he went. He was the pioneer of the ‘Flailing Arms’ Major at UF, and Noah never ceased to annoy anyone who watched him. Our last image of him in a Gator uniform quite fittingly was him spouting off nonsense before the CBS camera’s finally cut away. tebow1.jpg Tim Tebow If Noah was the establisher of the ‘Flailing Arms’ Major, Tebow will graduate Summa Cum Laude. As a freshman he was the go to running back for Florida. Every one yard carry for a first down was followed by my hopes of a torn rotator cuff from acting like a senior cheerleader at his last event. Although there is no empirical evidence, I am sure Tebow heavily gels his hair before games, then reapplies at halftime. He did do a good job on the ‘My New Haircut’ video though. donovan.jpg Billy Donovan After turning down a job at UK that was never officially offered, Billy the Kid took the other half of the hair gel in Gainesville that Tebow wasn’t using and went down the road to Orlando so he could coach the Dwight Howard and the Magic. Who can blame him for taking a step up to The League and they money that inevitably followed. Too bad Rupp will never get the chance to show him what he missed and boo him again. I think we all wish him luck babysitting in the NBA. Nevermind. fan.jpg Fans Jealous? Three National Championships in one year sure is tempting, but are the jean shorts really worth it? The thought of putting on Old Navy jorts, white Reeboks, tube socks and tucking in my ‘Gator Bait’ shirt is enough to turn you into a Mississippi State fan. The Bengal ‘Who Dey’ bandwagon got filled quick when they started winning, but Gator fans missed their memo and never even attempted to get on the hoops wagon. It’s also cute that Florida, Georgia and Tennessee all share the ‘Its Great to Be…’ chant. g8rh8r.gif The Field Matt Walsh, Danny Wuerffel, Albert, Jai Lucas/Nick Calathes, Keith Jackson Gatorade commercial, the Gator Chomp, etc. So with both Corso and Herbie picking UK to lose tomorrow at Gameday today and the Cats being 7 point dogs at home, the whole “National Respect” thing hasn’t happened yet. Commonwealth will be rocking tomorrow afternoon and I can’t wait to see the Gameday boys eat their words on campus.

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