George Raveling sits down with Coach Cal

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While in town for Cal's fantasy camp, longtime friend and former coach George Raveling took the opportunity to sit down with Cal and film a few videos for his website, Cal and Raveling, whose friendship goes back to Cal's time at UMass, talked about last year's team and their journey to the National Championship. A lot of it we've heard before (Anthony Davis took the fifth most shots/brother's keeper/changing lives), but some of it was new to me. Highlights: -- Cal said he knew the Cats could win #8 when Teague (whom he accidentally calls "DeMarcus") eventually learned to give up the ball, which made him "the best point guard in the country" by season's end. -- The loss to Indiana provided motivation for the rest of the season. Cal even put the ESPN commercial featuring Watford's last second shot into game tape so the guys would be reminded of it all season long. -- He had to teach "Michael Kidd" not to go "600 miles an hour on every play, possession and moment." -- He was approached to do an All-Access special last season, but refused. "I needed to really focus in and zero in on what we were doing." There's plenty more, including a bunch of videos of Raveling's conversations with Joe B. Hall about his time as coach and player under Adolph Rupp. If anything, tune in for the catchy intro music. I'm still jamming at my desk.

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