George W Bush and Auburn Open Game Thread

George W Bush and Auburn Open Game Thread

Matt Jonesalmost 15 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
See the guy above. No, it is not Kovortney Barber or Auburn's Coach Jeff Lebo, but rather is our esteemed President George W Bush. And Premier Bush is going to effect your lives tonight as his Iraq speech is going to mean that most of you will not see a decent chunk of the second half of tonight's game. Yeah, even though we have two cable news networks (and Fox "News" as well), four actual networks with news coverage, C Span, C Span 2, CNBC, Headline News and ESPNU, we nevertheless will have the telecast of the Auburn-UK game cut off while the President tells us about his "surge". Look, I will not make the point that a speech on a war is not important. You can make that point yourself. But I will say that if you want to watch the speech, there are a MILLION outlets to do it. This is not 1964 where the President needed to be on all three channels so the world could pay attention. This is the age of diverse options.....and taking the UK game off in Kentucky does not have to be one of them. But I digress..... As to the game, Auburn is coming off a home victory over Vandy where they played relatively decent and held home court. The SEC is all about home court early this season, with UK winning the only road game thus far. Tonight, UK should win with some ease, likely getting the lead up to 16-17 and winning by 12, 76-64. The spread is 14, so I would avoid it. Use the comments to make your picks, discuss the game and tell me how politics shouldnt be on the blog. CALL INTO OUR ESPN Radio Show tonight from 6-8 pm (1-800-510-ESPN) and give us a question. We got a packed studio tonight and the show is going to be fun.....even if no one can hear it. And we would love to hear from the blog folks....

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