Georgetown blog crushes Pete Thamel

Drew Franklinover 9 years


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If Pete Thamel is going to attempt to dish it out, he's going to have to take it, too. And a lot of people are looking to give it to him. One of those people is "Hire Esherick" from the Georgetown blog "Casual Hoya." He called out Thamel for being unfair and unbalanced in his attempts at fair and balanced investigative journalism. For example, Thamel investigated everyone around Noel except one Errol Randolph, who just so happens to be a fan of Thamel's Syracuse Orange.
Thamel spent so much time researching the backgrounds of the people surrounding Noel in his first piece, how could he overlook Randolph's affiliations? I mean, the national college sports reporter for The New York Times revealed all possible improprieties surrounding Noel's recruitment, how could he forget a mere Internet search of an "unassigned teacher?" Here's why: Errol Randolph is a Syracuse fan. That person formerly described as merely an "unassigned teacher" and later a possible affiliate of a major sports agency lists Syracuse University, one of the final suitors for Nerlens Noel, as his one and only favorite sports team.
Check it out.

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