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Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
bluedawn If you didnt already know, a professional documentary crew followed around the UK basketball team last year and produced a great documentary on the 2010 Cats and its fanbase entitled "Blue Dawn". The DVD was released last week and we have given some away on the radio, Twitter and Facebook and will give more away in the days to come. You can order your copy of the DVD right here and I honestly think it is one of the best looks at the UK basketball program "behind the scenes" that you will see. The documentary producers have given KSR the ability to put some clips of the movie on the site and we will have them for you over the next few days. Here is one from College Gameday last year, when Tennessee came to town to get their annual beating and another from Midnight Madness. Check them out:

Blue Dawn - College Gameday from Bombo Sports and Entertainment on Vimeo.

Blue Dawn - Blue Madness from Bombo Sports and Entertainment on Vimeo.

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