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robertmorris The newest ESPN Bracketology is out and I must say that I like it: Milwaukee (1) KENTUCKY (22-1) (16) ROBERT MORRIS (16-8) / Northeast (8) Baylor (16-5) (9) Rhode Island (19-3) San Jose (5) Ohio State (18-6) (12) Louisville (15-8) (4) BYU (21-3) (13) NORTHEASTERN (16-8) / CAA Jacksonville (6) Wake Forest (16-5) (11) SIENA (20-4) (3) Wisconsin (18-5) (14) COLL OF CHARLESTON (16-8) / Southern Buffalo (7) Missouri (17-6) (10) CHARLOTTE (18-5) (2) West Virginia (19-3) (15) COASTAL CAROLINA (17-4) / Big South In general, I would love this bracket for UK. First of all, you get the #2 seed that I think UK matches up the best with, West Virginia. The Mountaineers are very talented, but arent great outside shooters and their inside presence is young and vulnerable. I would love to see Wisconsin and BYU as the #3 and #4 seeds, as UK's athleticism would crush those teams' spirits in a 40 minute game. Ohio State as a #5 seed is a bit concerning and the Wall vs Turner matchup would have people salivating across the CBS land. However I am not sure the Buckeyes could survive a Louisville/BYU back-to-back set. The only part I dont like is Baylor, as they are more talented than the seed and when clicking, can give anyone trouble. But my guess is that their hot/cold strategy might lead to an upset by Rhode Island and it wouldnt matter. Simply put, this is a bracket that would make UK's route to the Final Four look very smooth.

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