Getting familiar with Ricky Ledo

Getting familiar with Ricky Ledo

Thomas Beisnerover 10 years


Aritcle written by:Thomas BeisnerThomas Beisner
In the minutes after Kentucky bombed out against Ole Miss and Oxford, Cats fans got a surprising glimmer of hope from's ray of sunshine, Jeff Goodman, when he announced that Ricky Ledo was de-committing from the mighty Providence Friars.  The 2012 five-star shooting guard, who will now reportedly not get a second look from Rick Pitino and the Cards, seems to be now holding a list of schools that essentially says "Kentucky and everyone else". But, for Ledo, the focus now is not on where he'll go to college, but becoming a "Division I Person", according to his former high school coach in this article in The Providence Journal.  According to the story, it's not that Ledo is a bad kid or gets in trouble.  It's that he's had a rough upbringing and some worry that he has too many people clinging to him already.  Part of that plan to make him a "Division I Person" is his recent transfer to Notre Dame Prep (his fourth high school) and a likely decision to attend college away from Providence, where he would likely be surrounded by the same people.  It's an interesting read, although decidedly one-sided. Dude is the total package, though.  He can play.  He can Dougie.

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