Getting Ready for Arkansas

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[caption id="attachment_119891" align="alignnone" width="500"] Tyler Wilson leads a struggling Razorbacks ball club.[/caption]   I empathize for the Razorbacks that simply can't avoid off the field problems. Petrino began the trend and now they are dealing with more and more. Last week new Coach John L Smith had to go to court for his bankruptcy situation and this week their QB Tyler Wilson was in a car wreck. Off-the-field problems will lead to on-the-field problems: Arkansas is 2-4, after being a preseason Top 10 team. Offense Petrino did a good job of establishing a well orchestrated offense, that had great foundations in the pass game. Tyler Wilson is 8th Nationally in passing yards per game with 317 and has a good group of weapons to throw the ball around to. Cobi Hamilton gets 113 receiving yards per game as a deep ball threat. If Wilson doesn't want to go big, he goes to his bug guy at TE Chris Gragg (however Gragg is doubtful for tonight's game). Wilson is a smart, experienced QB that can put up HUGE numbers if you let him get on a roll. He must be pressured, however the Razorbacks' line has only given up one sack in the past two weeks. The Running game isn't their bread and butter, but they have a great athlete in Dennis Johnson. Their "Mr. All-Purpose" has lightning fast speed that has made him the active SEC leader in all-purpose yards. I'd be worried about kicking the ball to him, if we didn't have punting extraordinaire Landon Foster. Bottom Line: It's about the same thing each week for the Cats: a young secondary needs help by getting pressure on Tyler Wilson. This week it is even more polarized with one of the most talented QBs in the country, and a secondary that only has freshmen and sophomores.   Defense I hate to say it but I've got some bad news. This defense is coming off a high that completely demolished Auburn last week, sacking their QB 8 times and forcing 5 turnovers. Trey Flowers is no Jadeveon Clowney, but 3.5 sacks in a game is still very impressive. Their stud LB Alonzo Highsmith is 2nd in the SEC in tackles for a good reason; he has a way of making sure he puts his nose in every tackle. Their secondary is very young, but no one can compare to UK's young secondary. They also had 3 interceptions last week, something our young guys haven't produced much of yet. Bottom Line: JALEN WHITLOW CAN NOT BE PUT ON THE GROUND. Auburn's QB went through hell on Earth last week, being consistently put on the ground, which lead to interceptions. I'm not as worried about the interceptions as I am his health. Nobody wants to see Morgan Newton in the game.

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