Gilbert Gottfried and Beetlejuice

by:Matt Jones04/12/06
Yes, it is a sad night in the KSR Radio studios as Bucky Covington, he of the aptly named buckteeth, long stringy hair and moderate to bad voice, was voted off of American Idol tonight after what likely was his best performance of the season with "Fat Bottomed Girls" by Queen. Once again Ace stayed on the show, making me want to throw something at his goofy dimples and ridiculous love stares from Paula. But all of this was quickly made up for when I saw this video of two of my favorite comedians/oddities on earth, Gilbert Gottfried and Beetlejuice. Now for those of you who only know Gilbert from the Aflac commercials and "Problem Child 2", you may not know that Gilbert is actually hilariously funny and full of odd impressions that cant really be described. In a completely different universe is Beetlejuice, and odd character who was found by Howard Stern and once, when asked what the white things in your mouth that chew food are called, responded "food." This is an appearance on Stern many years ago, where the two of them are on together and it made me laugh as much as I have in some time. It is 20 minutes, so only watch if you have time and give it a second to get Gilbert on. It is worth it.

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