Gillispie says "Hang On".......UK might call

Gillispie says "Hang On".......UK might call

Matt Jonesover 14 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
We dont follow Texas A&M basketball extensively here. I know, I know you folks have wanted more Aggie basketball coverage and we have disappointed you.....but its just not our bag. But if there was ever a day to cover Aggie basketball, it was yesterday. First, reports come out that Gillispie may go to Arkansas and that an offer has been made.....then reports are released that he will re-sign with Texas A&M and that extensive changes will be made to the basketball program.....and then as the day ends, we find out that Gillispie may be holding out to see about the Kentucky job. If so, I find the news very interesting. It may mean that Gillispie believes he is a serious contender and wants to see how the Donovan drama ends.....and from my angle, I say great. Gillispie is not my first choice, but he isnt my last either.....and I think he could be very successful here. But of course, this is Aggie basketball.....who knows what today will bring?

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