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gilly If you're one of the many people that don't watch Saturday Night Live anymore, you're not missing too much.  Aside from Andy Samberg's Digital Shorts, not much makes me laugh .  Occasionally they'll strike gold with a sketch, but for the most part they've resorted to physical comedy and bathroom jokes for their laughs.  Just not my cup of tea.  Which brings me to the above photo.  Kristen Wiig, one of the strangest cast members in years, always plays an equally odd character in her sketches.  Above is Gilly, a socially awkward high school student whose vocabulary usually just consists of "Sorry" and "Yes".  I have a hard time figuring out if it is the dumbest thing they've ever done or if I actually enjoy it.  They even named this year's Christmas show after her, hosting a "Very Gilly Christmas".  Can someone tell me how I should feel about this?  On to your news... --Today is, of course, GameDay.  I'll be your Chesley Sullenberger today as most of the KSR crew are holding things down in Nashville.  Expect lots of updates throughout the day leading up to kickoff at 8:30.  --4 Tigers have been suspended from the Music City Bowl tonight according to WLTX out of Columbia, SC.  The four players broke their 1AM curfew at the Opryland Hotel.  It doesn't look like this will have much of an impact as CJ Spiller was not among them. --The biggest news yesterday was Urban Meyer annoucing that he'll resign from Florida after the Sugar Bowl.  I applaud this move.  Meyer has suffered from severe chest pains for a while now and wants to spend more time with his family.  I don't see how anyone can question his motives.  Especially when your teenager daughter says in response to the move- "I get my daddy back." --Meyer's resignation really shakes things up in the college football world.  Much like the UK basketball job, Florida football could be considered "the" job in the sport.  Of course, the folks in Louisville will be particularly interested in how it plays out.  Would Charlie Strong be a candidate?  I have a hard time seeing that happening, but I guess stranger stuff has happened.  Plus Jeremy Foley has experience taking coaches back after they've reneged on other job offers. --I watched "The Hangover" for the first time tonight.  As I watched, I couldn't help but think of Will, Matt,Drew and Backstreet Boy Kevin Richardson loose in Nashville.  I think I could picture them deciding to steal Kenny Chesney's tiger.  Or Will challenging Drew to shave his eyebrows to prove he knows how to operate clippers. --If you're in Nashville for the game today and have any good photos, send them my way.  Photos that will get preference for being posted will involve attractive ladies, stereotypical Clemson fans, Cats fans taking over Tootsies and/or the Ryman, and, of course, the John Wall Dance at the Wildhorse.  Email me at [email protected] So that's about it.  It's the last football game of the season and I'm pumped.  And there's at least one national sportswriter that has confidence in the Cats.  Thank you, Stewart Mandel.  Go Cats!

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