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Today during the end of the second hour of Kentucky Sports Radio, Matt was joined by PGA Tour player Josh Teater. Josh grew up in Lexington, where he attended Henry Clay High School before going on to play golf at Morehead State University. Josh is a lifetime UK fan and attends many UK sporting events when his schedule allows.   Josh had a long journey to the PGA Tour, playing mini tours and a year on the Nationwide Web.Com Tour (where he won the Utah Championship). This season, he finished 73rd in the race for the Fed Ex Cup.  He has yet to win on the PGA Tour, but he has had a very good second half of the season. Watch out for him in the fall events.   Tomorrow, Josh will set out to play 100 holes of golf in one day. That is five full rounds of golf plus 10 holes. That is exhausting to even think about, much less actually do. My back hurts from typing it. He will be joined by Kelly Williams, the head professional at Greenbrier Golf and Country Club.  This event is a part of PGA Golf Day and all proceeds will benefit the Kentucky Golf Foundation and The Children's Charity Fund of the Bluegrass. If you want to help out, you can go here to donate.    Josh took some time this weekend to sit down with KSR and answer some questions that I had for him.   Here is our Q & A:   You're a lifelong Kentucky Fan. Grew up in Lexington. But you went to school at Morehead State. Why is that? That is true, I was a Kentucky fan before I could walk and I be one until I can't walk.  I was more serious about baseball until my senior year of high school, when I decided to pursue golf.  I didn't have too many schools recruit me and Morehead State gave me a chance. What was better for you, Morehead State beating Louisville in the first round 2 years ago or UK making the final 4 but losing to UCONN? Morehead beating Louisville.  I was at the UK/Princeton game that day and was watching the score more than I was watching the game.  It is always great to see Morehead win but final fours aren't too bad either! A lot of people know you are on the PGA Tour now, but they don't know about the long journey you took to get there. Talk a little about that. Were there ever times you thought about giving it up? What made you keep going? After graduating from Morehead in 2001, I turned pro in 2002 and played the mini tours for six years.  I had some success on the mini tours but never won but felt like I was improving and that is why I never gave it up.  There were times when the thought of giving it up crossed my mind but I felt like I could make it.  I love the challenge and competing and I believe that is why I kept playing.  I really feel like those six years developed me and wouldn't trade them for anything. How do you stand as far as having a job next year? Have you secured your card? Are you playing any of the fall series events? As you know the top 125 remain exempt and I am sitting at 101 right now.  I think I am secure but I am playing at least three of the fall events (Timberlake, Frys, and Disney).  My goal is to win one of them and get to go play in Hawaii a week earlier at the Hyundai in January. Talk a little bit about what you are raising money for with this 100 holes of golf. My friend Kelly Williams, who is the pro at, Greenbrier Country Club, asked me in the spring if I would play 100 holes to raise money for the Kentucky Golf Foundation as well as the Children's Charity Fund of the Bluegrass.  I like to help in any way I can and this sounded like a way for us to team up and help out.  The Kentucky Golf Foundation promotes junior golf across the state as well as promoting Kentucky golf history.  Junior golf definitely impacted my life and I know there are plenty of kids playing this great game today.  And the Children's Charity Fund of the Bluegrass helps provide funds for the Child Development Center of the Bluegrass, an agency that provides a full range of services for children from birth to five years of age who have disabilities.  We are excited to help both of these charities out and make plenty of birdies!! Some people think of golfers as non athletes, but this 100 holes in a day will be physically grueling, right? Will you have trouble getting it all finished? What time are you starting? It is definitely going to be a long and grueling day, it will be my first marathon.  I would have to say it takes athletic skills to play golf therefore golfers are athletes.  It is going to be laid back and yes we will be riding carts and not taking too many practice swings.  It would be nice to have someone out there to grab the pin so we can keep our pace up.  There will probably be times when Kelly and I hit or putt at the same time.  I think it is going to take about 12 hours so we are going to get started around 7:30 am. Do you read KSR regularly?  I do look at it often, I would say now with twitter being so big I really follow along on there.  I also like keeping up with the radio show. Wishful thinking, but is there any chance we could see a KSR logo on your bag or shirt sleeve this year? I've never thought about that.  But I guess there is always a chance. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So, you're telling me there's a chance? Thanks to Josh for taking the time to talk with us. We here at KSR wish you the best of luck with 100 holes of golf and also the rest of the PGA Tour season. Make the Big Blue Nation proud!   @AFlenerKSR

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