Give It Up For Others Receiving Votes!
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Give It Up For Others Receiving Votes!

Bomani Jonesover 13 years


Article written by:Bomani JonesBomani Jones
Football season is almost here.  Congrats to your Cats fans on receiving votes in the preseason coaches poll, along with the others. I've never known what to feel about preseason rankings.  On one hand, they're totally pointless.  Sound and fury signifying nothing, they unfairly skew the final polls, yada yada yada.But you know what?  How else would I know what games were worth my time in September were it not for the polls?  Imagine you just got back from a ten-year concrete vacation, and the first thing you wanted to do was watch some football.  Were it not for the pre-season poll, you'd be watching Florida State trying to figure out what the hell the problem is.  How else would our new member of society have any clue that watching Wake Forest is actually worth the time? Preseason polls -- making the transition to the outside easier for decades.  They're a friggin' public service.

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