Give me this fake bracket, please

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonover 3 years


Kentucky’s still a five-seed in the latest Bracketology, which is fine and whatever, but I’d take their draw in a heartbeat. In Joe Lunardi’s latest projections, Kentucky is in the Midwest Region with (1) Purdue, (2) Duke, (3) Arizona, and (4) Texas Tech. Fortunately, Duke and Arizona are on the bottom half of the bracket, making the top half not terribly scary to this blogger:

I’m sure Seth Greenberg is just itching to tell me how great Purdue is — and he’s probably right — but if Kentucky’s able to put together a consistent 40 minutes of effort (a big if currently) by March, give me their length and athleticism over the Boilermaker’s shooting any day.

Meanwhile, I have a much bigger bone to pick with this bracket. How is North Carolina still a four-seed after losing three straight games? The Tar Heels have SEVEN losses this year but still seem to get the benefit of the doubt from both the pollsters and Lunardi; in fact, the ESPN BPI predicts North Carolina will end up as a three seed when all is said and done:

I don’t get it.



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