Going Old School --- AJ Stewart at Marshall County Hoopfest 2006
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Going Old School --- AJ Stewart at Marshall County Hoopfest 2006

Matt Jonesabout 14 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
old-school-dvd.jpg Last year around this time, we went and did an experiment. The Kentucky Sports Radio crew, myself, the Intern, the Turkey Hunter, Hubby and Tomlin went to Marshall County for the Hoopfest. While there we decided to "broadcast" our first ever game on Kentucky Sports Radio. The five of us watched AJ Stewart's high school team play a group of players from New York that were....to put it mildly, awful. The result of this experiment was one of the worst/best pieces of radio broadcast in history. We watched the game, made fun of the players, got giddy at how bad the game was going and then proceeded to make obscene jokes. In the end, it was the essence of this site and still represents one of my favorite things we have done. We broadcast both halves, but the second half got so dirty we couldnt put in on the website (and still cant). But the first half does exist and can be heard in all its awfulness/greatness. For those of you who werent around then (and I would guess it is many of you since we got about 15% of the hits we get now), here is a slice of KentuckySportsRadioicana..... Marshall County Hoopfest Action

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