Going to the Final Four? Don't bring your big purse

Going to the Final Four? Don't bring your big purse

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonover 6 years


2015-Final-Four-Clear-Bag-Graphic Remember that pesky bag policy from last year's Final Four? It's back again. If you plan on attending any of the Final Four festivities in Indianapolis this weekend, don't plan on bringing a big bag with you. Here's the clear bag policy from the NCAA:
NCAA-provided clear bags, other clear bags not exceeding the size of the NCAA-provided clear bags, and one gallon clear plastic storage bags will be permitted at the aforementioned events, in addition to purses smaller than 5.5 inches by 8.5 inches (please see the attached diagram).  Clear bags will be provided by the NCAA for free and can be found at downtown Indianapolis hotels, the Indiana Convention Center and most entrances and exits at events where clear bags are required. For a full list of security policies and procedures, please visit www.ncaa.com/finalfour/champgame.
For serious, y'all, don't bring the fanny pack. Another option is to purchase a Purse Keyper bag at local Kroger stores or online at PurseKeyper.com: The clutches meet the NCAA size requirements and are great ways to keep your most essential items with you while showing your support for the Cats.

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