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Archer might want to re-think this whole 'matador inspired scheme'. On this afternoon of repentence, cupon clipping, and general lethargy, here's a quote from 'defense extraordinaire' Mike Archer. I guess laughter is indeed the best medicine for those 500 yard blues. "My expectations were totally different because we played so many of those freshmen last year because of injuries...but they're still sophomores. And they're still redshirt freshmen. So we have to be patient...They're going to get better. Hopefully, soon." While it's true that O.J. is currently doing a better job defending himself than Kentucky is their opponents, somebody has to take up for this guy. I mean, he only had a week to prepare for Monroe's 'cooky' offensive attack, which kept everyone in the stadium guessing. Halfback dive left; halfback dive right; which way is he gonna go this time?! I don't know Mike, but I'm glad it's your job to make such crucial decisions, and not mine.

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