Good News and Bad News from the Peach Jam

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Good News: Calipari watched Bol Bol and Marvin Bagley last night. Bad News: Bagley didn't have a lot of good things to say about Kentucky.  In fact, all he had to say about UK was, "Eventually, we'll get to Kentucky."  Entering the tournament we thought the Cats were in a good spot to land the nation's best player, but that's not the case. Good News: Bol Bol will visit UK, maybe for Big Blue Madness.  If you can't get Bagley, Bol is an exceptional alternative.  One of the largest human beings I have ever seen can score from wherever he pleases.  That could eventually be Lexington. Bad News: 247 thinks Bol will not play in Lexington.  Even though Bol said he isn't upset about not getting picked to Team USA, Jerry Meyer told Ben Roberts he believes Bol will remain on the West Coast and play at USC.  Pulling Bagley and Bol away from the West will be a challenge, but I believe  Cal is in a good place right now with Manute's son. Good News: Cam Reddish scored 44 points. Bad News:  Reddish's performance was in the Peach Jam play-in game, and his team lost.  Now playing the minor league Peach Jam tournament for all those who didn't qualify, he's resting after a long week with Calipari in Egypt.  I was excited to see him play alongside Louis King, a guy who made Team USA and is searching for a UK offer, but instead it's just a big bunch of crap. Bad News: The talent here is WAY down.  I'd like to balance this out with more good news, but I can't when I can't see any good players play basketball.  Last year there approximately 12 players with UK offers at the event; five that eventually committed (Washington, Richards, Green, Knox & Diallo).  This year there are only two players with UK offers playing in the Peach Jam. To make matters worse, the two guys with offers do not play on good teams.  Bagley's team needed an exemption just to qualify.  His frontcourt partner can hardly walk and chew gum.  I was not the most coordinated basketball player, but even I reserve the right to call out this kid's coordination.  Somehow, Bagley has carried them to two wins, equaling their regular season total, but it can't last forever. Good News: Malik Monk showed up. Bad News:  Kevin Durant showed up.  The entire event is covered with KD's face.  In the middle of Bagley's game, he gave Coach K dap as he went to another court.  That impressionable statement is something you'd rather not see. I could write more bad news, but I don't want to be salty on a fantastic Friday morning.      

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