Got "Meh"?
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Got "Meh"?

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonalmost 11 years


meh A hot topic of conversation around here lately has been the overwhelming sense of “meh” surrounding this Kentucky team. Sure, they’re doing okay, there’s lots of talent and March Madness is just around the corner. We’ve won some big games (remember how good beating Louisville felt? How we ruined Bruce Pearl’s comeback?), but in your heart of hearts, you can’t deny that this team just doesn’t give you butterflies like a certain recent suitor. It’s okay; I’m here to help. Let’s move past the “meh.” Stop Living in the Past — Stop comparing this season to last season. I feel like people have been preaching this since the preseason, but honestly, it took me a long time to accept that the Draft Cats weren’t walking through that door. Yes, last year was awesome. Yes, that team was special and will go down in Kentucky history as one of the most talented, charismatic teams to wear blue and white. Do I miss the blowouts, the dancing, and the confetti that was last season? Absolutely–it was like Kentucky basketball finally woke up and went on a five month bender (and we wonder why we’re hungover!). Comparing this team to last year’s is useless…it isn’t fair to them and it will only upset you. Gain Some Perspective — Okay, so before we put the past totally in the past, let’s remember how far we’ve come. Two Words: Billy Gillispie. Here are some more: VMI. Gardner Webb. Pop Tarts. Bathroom stalls. N.I.T. Had enough? Maybe “just good” isn’t that bad after all. Appreciate What You Have — They might not be the Draft Cats, but this team has talent. Click on each player's name for proof: Terrence Jones Brandon Knight DeAndre Liggins Darius Miller Josh Harrellson Doron Lamb Jon Hood Jarrod Polson Eloy Vargas Stacey Poole Look forward — The best part about our predicaMEHnt? This team is on the cusp of the most exciting time of year--March Madness. And they're coming off a solid start-to-finish performance against South Carolina. That's more that we could say a week ago. If this team has finally decided to step it up, they've picked the perfect time. With four games left in the regular season, they have time to iron out the kinks and build on last week's encouraging performances. Also in the positive column: this team has some really good shooters in Doron Lamb and Darius Miller (when he shows up). That's more than we could say in years past and will be valuable in the post-season. Finally, the best thing about this young team? Each minute of practice and time with Calipari will help them grow. Buck up and start saving your sick'll need them for March Madness. 22 days.

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