Gotta Like this Bracket

Matt Jonesover 11 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
ksu The new ESPN Bracketology came out yesterday and I am a fan of the path to the Final Four that it would set up for the Cats: Milwaukee (1) KENTUCKY (24-1) (16) Opening-round Game (8) CALIFORNIA (17-8) (9) UTEP (19-5) San Jose (5) Wake Forest (18-5) (12) Marquette (16-8) (4) NEW MEXICO (23-3) (13) Oklahoma St (17-7) New Orleans (6) BUTLER (23-4) (11) Virginia Tech (20-4) (3) Wisconsin (19-6) (14) WEBER ST (15-8) / Big Sky Oklahoma City (7) NORTHERN IOWA (22-3) (10) Dayton (17-7) (2) Kansas St (19-4) (15) BELMONT (16-10) / Atl Sun If you asked virtually anyone in America if they would take a route of Play-in Game, California, New Mexico and Kansas State to the Final Four, I think they would jump and scream with joy. There are some lurking teams here that would cause some difficulty. I dont like Wisconsin as a matchup, solely because of how much they slow the game down and their ability to shoot the three. But they would get killed with the Cats' athleticism in the end. Wake Forest is potentially tough as they have the athletes to play with the Cats, but are not as talented. Overall, you couldnt do better than this bracket for UK, with the Regional games being played in Houston. Cross your fingers.

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