Greatest UK Player Tournament Round 1: Dan Issel v Jeff Brassow

Greatest UK Player Tournament Round 1: Dan Issel v Jeff Brassow

Matt Jonesover 14 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
jeff_brassow.jpegdan_issel.jpeg So it is time for the festivities to begin in our Greatest UK Player Tournament here on Kentucky Sports Radio. We announced the brackets last week, and now it is time for the games. As part of each matchup, we will put the players on here, with a little of their career summaries (found via Jon Scott's great site) and then ask that you use the comments section to pick your winner, plus any thoughts or anecdotes you have on the two participants. We begin with what will likely be a lopsided affair, but one that we all still love, Issel v. Brassow. 19700221louisianastate.jpeg Dan Issel: Simply put, possibly the greatest scorer in UK history. Issel was a 2 time All American, and a Consensus All American his Senior season. He finished first team All SEC every year he was at Kentucky and is the only player to finish with over 2,100 points. What may be the most astounding feature of his UK career is that he finished it with a field goal percentage over 50%, an unbelievable accomplishment for a player as versatile as Issel. Dan played at Kentucky from 1967-1970 and made the NCAA All-Regional team for every NCAA Tournament in which he was a part of. Oh yeah, he also had a decent ABA career with the Colonels, NBA career with the Nuggets, worked as a coach and announcer for Denver and was a fixture on insurance commercials in Kentucky....the last tidbit being how many young Kentuckians first met the man. Issel was the guy and for many UK fans, it doesnt get any better.... Issel Bio 19921205georgiatech.jpeg Jeff Brassow: Houston, Texas's own Jeff Brassow may have been the last person to make this field, but he isnt the last person in many fans' minds. Jeff had a consistent career at UK that seemed destined for super stardom before a knee injury early in his Junior season. He finished his career with 807 points and his yearly totals were virtually identical all four seasons. Jeff actually came to Kentucky at the beginning of probation and found himself on the 1993 Final Four team that signaled to the world that UK was back. However I, like most UK fans, remember one thing the most about Jeff and that is the clip below. BRASSOW, BRASSOW is a game call from Maui that we all cherish, from a time so long ago that we even liked Rick Pitino. Brassow was an important part of the transformation of UK post-probation and it is that which puts him on the list today. Brassow Bio. So give us your vote below and your favorite memories of the players. We will have the winner tomorrow, picked by your votes and our expert panel (the voters, me, Rob, Larry Vaught, and yes...Gregg Doyel). Enjoy....

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