Greg Oden Isnt Happy About Thursday's News and Views

Greg Oden Isnt Happy About Thursday's News and Views

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odenfan.jpg As Oden gives the usual reaction to a fan asking for a picture, we give you a few notes to get your morning started: --- On the football side of things, Micah Johnson will be back this week in full effect, as will Randall Cobb. We spoke tonight with UK Linebacker Coach Chuck Smith, who said that with Johnson back they can run their full set of defensive schemes and they have a lot more quickness to stop the run. This could be a huge difference in this week's game. --- The Arkansas football game is set for 7 pm next Saturday night and will be on ESPNU, ensuring something resembling a national television audience for the game. --- UK will be unveiling their new, hip UK uniforms on Friday at Keeneland, in a media presentation hosted along with Nike. The uniforms have been a great deal of speculation recently and the picture we had last year looked like below. It will be interesting to see if this is the final cut. uniforms.bmp uniform2.bmp --- Midnight Madness guests are starting to line up....commitments Dominique Ferguson, Dakotah Euton and Jon Hood will be there, along with a host of other recruits. Jody Demling tonight reports that George Fant and Jordan Shanklin of Warren East and th Class of 2011 will both be there as well. Covington Holmes star Junior Ricardo Johnson (considered by many to be better than Dakotah Euton and Chad Jackson) will be there as well. That is all for now....more all day, including some Midnight Madness moments, a look at South Carolina from all sides and more bloggers. Stay tuned........

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