Six GTA V Radio Stations Inspired By KSR

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GTA Ron Just nine days ago, Rockstar Games' console epic "Grand Theft Auto V" hit the market.  The latest installment of the open-world chaos simulator earned $800 million in just the first day of sales, and tallied a staggering $1 billion in just three days on the market.  This is quite an impressive mark for a game whose multiplayer mode isn't slated to be released until almost three weeks after the launch date. One of the features of Grand Theft Auto V that may go overlooked is the incredible music selection.  GTA V boasts a track listing of 350 songs on 15 different stations (two of which are TALK RADIO stations). On Tuesday, Rockstar released the 'The Music of Grand Theft Auto V" on iTunes, which includes "The Score",  "The Soundtrack" and Original Music. This compilation sells for $25 dollars, but only has 58 tracks.  Through multiple playthroughs, players find the stations that they enjoy most, but what happens when you get tired of your favorite stations?  Funkhouser is here with six KSR inspired "radio stations," with songs handpicked by their namesakes, that you can listen to while playing in Los Santos. ___________________________________________________________________________ Matt Jones Matt Jones Radio, especially in the order that it is currently set, is the perfect driving around station in Grand Theft Auto V.  If starting in Grand Senora Desert or Sandy Shores, then driving down into Los Santos, this station would hit the right notes at about the right time. It's almost like lining up Dark Side of the Moon with The Wizard of Oz.  Take the long drive with songs like "Heard it In A Love Song" or "Into The Mystic."  When switching over to Trevor, make sure it's the three-play of Conway Twitty on the airwaves, because Trevor would probably be a huge Twitty fan.  If you need a break from the car, get out and go walk barefoot at the football stadium, then get back in car and turn up "How Do You Like Me Now" by The Heavy.  Top it all off with an Egg White Delight, and start the drive all over again. ___________________________________________________________________________ Drew Looking for a radio station as you're searching for Taco (Cluckin') Bell's in Los Santos?  Then Drew Franklin Radio is the station for you. This station is mostly-hip hop, with just a few touches of lady energy pop songs, including Miley Cyrus and Adele.  The perfect station for you as you drive around in GTA V on your way to the "Aluminum Roof" (or whatever Rockstar would call Tin Roof in the game, if it existed).  Also tucked in are "A Pirate Looks at Forty" and "Paradise" to bring you back to reality after long nights of party bussing (Los Santos has party busses right?) ___________________________________________________________________________ Tyler Jam packed with some of the best alternative/"folk" music, Tyler Thompson Radio hits on all cylinders.  With "old" favorites like Gin Blossoms and The Strokes (Dolly Parton even), and new ones including The Avett Brothers, Old Crow Medicine Show and Mumford & Sons, TTR is spot on.  The station also comes in with surprises like Blurred Lines, in which the DJ says she has no shame in adding to the playlist.  If Los Santos had a version of Saturday Night Live, this station has a chance to play one song from many potential musical guests, and that's a great thing. ___________________________________________________________________________ Ryan If one of these radio stations could truly embody its namesake, then Ryan Lemond Radio does just that.  Full of Rascal Flats, Darius Rucker/Hootie and Zak Brown Band, this station hosts the country songs that make Mr. Lemond the friendly Indiana boy everyone knows and loves.  But hidden inside the station are a few songs (Crazy B****, Porn Star Dancing) that show those moments of Ryan that might get him sent to the couch for the night.  But who could blame ole' Chet Lemond, he's just proud of who himself. Note: Ryan Lemond Radio also plays "Back in Black" by AC/DC (not on Spotify) ___________________________________________________________________________ Shannon Shannon The Dude Radio is comprised of songs hand picked from the rock DJ himself.  This is the same Shannon the Dude who sang the opening to Stone Temple Pilots' "Dead and Bloated" in concert.  So, listeners should already know what to expect from this station: STP, Alice in Chains, Jane's Addiction, Smashing Pumpkins.  But The Dude also brings it with Bill Withers, Guster, Ben Folds Five and Cage The Elephant.  The perfect radio station for all that GTA V brings to the table, and possibly a booty-shaking contest or two. Note: Shannon The Dude Radio also plays "Norwegian Wood" by The Beatles (Not on Spotify) ___________________________________________________________________________ Funkhouser Radio Funkhouser Radio is a station that is as eclectic as the group that makes up the staff of KSR's Pop Culture section.  At over 35 songs, Funkhouser Radio spans multiple decades, with songs both well known and very obscure.  It's as though its comprised of the soundtracks to previous Grand Theft Auto games, Tony Hawk Pro Skater, and the playlist from an early 90's middle school dance (looking at you Keith Sweat).  Looking for a radio station that is like taking six strangers iPods, throwing them in a bag, picking one out and hitting shuffle?  Then this is the station for you.  And you know what?  It's every bit as enjoyable as it is random. Note: One of Brennan English's songs can't be found on Spotify. We Are Twin "Hold On We're Coming Home" (Drake Cover)

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