Gus Johnson says its "NCAA TOURNAMENT TIME" and News and Views

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Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
gjohnson.jpeg Really is there anything else to talk about? I mean seriously, if you are not totally focused on the beginning of the best four days in sports, then I dont know what I can do for you. But my guess is that if you are here, you get how great the next 96 hours will be, so there is no need to inject more hyperbolic drama. But if there is, who would be better than my man Gus Johnson. G-Johnson has become the new March tradition for me as I sit and look forward every year to the inevitable moment when my local game (which is consistently awful) is transferred to Gus's magical late game finish.....and we turn over just in time to hear Gus yell "ITS GOOD....ITS GOOD....RANDOM TEAM MOVES ON!!!!" I get chills just thinking about it. Gus, this is your time baby, dont forget it..... To the news jeeves.... (1) The Cats are in Chicago and ready to begin their public appearances tomorrow in the United Center. The news from the arena is that Villanova guard Mike Nardi is still hobbling and may have reaggrevated his injured foot, but will still play on Friday. The UK team is fairly injury free and all of the players are saying the right things about focus and trying to make the end of the season justify all the struggles throughout it so far. Villanova Coach Jay Wright said today that he simply didnt believe the hype that this was not a good Kentucky team. He mentioned all the talent on the floor for the Cats and the many close games they had played and said they were as dangerous as any team in the field. That is nice Jay, but between me and you, I will take the danger of Florida right now over the danger of Sheray Thomas. Still things are set up for the Cats to make a showing on Friday.....will they? Only Joe B Hall and Rollie Massimino dancing a jig in the Palestra truly know. (2) The talk continues to rage about the latest rumor sweeping Lexington, that John Lucas may come on as an assistant coach next year, joining his son in Rupp Arena. This would surprise me a great deal and is why I treat it with vast skepticism. I have spoken a number of times with John Lucas and have asked him on more than one occasion if he had any interest in a college coaching job and he has repeatedly told me no saying that the only way he would return to coaching is in the NBA. However I havent asked him in a few months, so I guess it is conceivable that such a prospect could conceivably happen. Everytime I ask someone who is speaking of such rumors, they never have a real source and say, "well thats just what I heard," so I am not holding my breath. But I think John would be a great assistant coach and could be an important part of a rebuilt staff.....whether that will actually ever come to fruition is a whole notha thing. (3) Our good friend Gregg Doyel through some gasoline on the flames (shocking I know) today when he stated that Tubby may end up at a school like South Carolina and Billy Gillespie could be the new coach at UK. I spoke with Gregg for a second about this and he told me that he actually had a good source on this possibility and was not just saying it to the wind. Some of what Gregg says has merit (although I dont think S. Carolina would be Tubby's destination) and I think there is a LOT of credibility to the thought that if Kentucky ends up with a job opening, Gillespie will be either at, or near, the top of initial phone calls. But at this point, I know that all of this talk is simply speculation and there is NOTHING assured until season's end.....or at least until Mitch Barnhart releases a statement clarifying his statement that clarified his initial statement. (4) Just a little heads up that I wrote the Kentucky section for's NCAA Tournament preview. To me Deadspin is as good as it gets on the internet and I always enjoy them letting me contribute occasionally. Check it out if you get a know all the info already, but now others do too.... (5) If you are wondering what games CBS will make you watch during the course of today's NCAA games, here is the map for the four games: GAME 1 around 12:30 GAME 2 around 3 GAME 3 around 7 GAME 4 around 9 30 Hope you got a good one for each session..... IF you are in the Louisville area, come to Lucky Strike on Fourth Street during the games today. Various members of the Kentucky Sports Radio crew will be there at various points in the day, including me, Rob Gidel, Chris Tomlin, etc. Rob will be doing a special radio show from 10-11, I will be there around lunch and after work, while Tomlin will be doing live feeds all day. So come bowl, watch a game, eat or just taunt Hubby. Its up to you. Watch for game coverage during the day. There may be a special NCAA blog (not done by me), so check in this afternoon to find out. Its tourney time!

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