Guy's role in the Seattle Seahawks' defense

Guy's role in the Seattle Seahawks' defense

Rashawn Franklinover 9 years


Article written by:Rashawn FranklinRashawn Franklin
It's always great to see someone get a chance fulfill their dreams, especially a Wildcat. At Kentucky's Pro Day I could tell how excited Winston Guy was about the entire draft process and how he relished the opportunity to prove himself at the next level. Although he didn't participate in drills, scouts and coaches from different NFL teams were constantly around him asking questions. You could tell there was league-wide interest in the Lexington native, and most were trying to gauge exactly who Winston Guy was, and how he would fit into their locker room. Still, only one team can draft you, and for Guy it was the Seattle Seahawks. Guy finally knows where he will be heading to start his career, now the question is what his role will be with the Seahawks and how does he fit in? First and foremost, Guy is going to be asked to make his living as a special team gunner, a position he has the tools to excel at. He heads to Seattle with 297 career tackles and physical mindset after playing close to the line of scrimmage in Rick Minter's defense. In Seattle, he also will be asked to backup both safety positions, which are interchangeable positions in defensive coordinator Gus Bradley's scheme. Bradley, a Monte Kiffin disciple, runs a pure Tampa-(Cover) 2 defense, where the safety position is one of the most important on the field. What that means for Guy is that he's mostly responsible for the deep half of the field, sometimes short zones, and a little man to man coverage. His main objective will be to keep everything in front of him, be a sure tackler, and give up yards and not scores. It's the bend, but don't break method. Guy will not have the pressure to come in and contribute immediately, either. Seattle's safety position is one of the strengths of the team. Former first round pick, Earl Thomas, has found a home at the free safety spot and is one of the more exciting playmakers in the NFL. On the strong safety side is Kam Chancellor. He had an outstanding 2011 season, and with his experience could help with Guy's development as a Tampa-2 safety. This pick for Seattle was about depth. In today's league, Super Bowl contenders have to have outstanding depth to cover up for inevitable injuries throughout the season. The fact that there was not another safety in Seattle's 2012 draft class helps Guy out tremendously. The former Cat will have a leg up on any competition vying for the backup safety position because he is a draft pick. Teams are stubborn. They don't want to admit they are wrong on a pick, and will keep those guys around a little longer if they call their names on draft day. I'm interested to see Guy make the transition from Minter's defense to Bradley's. They are different schemes, and usually where there is a different scheme there are different principles. Ultimately, this shouldn't be a huge problem for Guy because of his versatility. He's able to do a lot of things on the football field, and should be able to grasp things quickly. He's in a great situation.

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