Haitians You Never Knew

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dalembert_mailbox070705 Like most all of you, I have no connection to Haiti.  I've never been there, I don't speak French and I don't know anyone of Haitian descent.  But in the wake of the tragedy there, I learned there are several professional athletes that are Haitian and are doing what they can to help the situation.  It's been a strangely serious day here on KSR, with very little on the "ridiculous" side of things, but events like this really put sports in perspective.  The following are some Haitians you might be familiar with, and what you can do to help. Pierre Garcon (WR, Colts) - I had no idea this guy was Haitian, despite having him on my fantasy team all season, but the name should have tipped me off.  He's currently selling autographed memorabilia to raise funds for the relief efforts.  If you're interested, the website is GarconAuthentic.com . That would be a great way to get a piece of Marvin Harrison-replacement stuff and help Haiti at the same time. Samuel Delambert (F, Sixers) - I knew this guy was from Port-Au-Prince.  He'll be presenting a check tonight at halftime against the Kings for $100,000 to NBA-partner Unicef, which is an organization that helps impoverished children.  Jozy Altidore (Striker, US National Soccer Team) - You may not know this guy's name yet, but chances are that you'll be hearing his name a lot come June, when the World Cup begins in South Africa.  He still has many family members that live in Haiti and will be taking leave from his English League team to go to Haiti to search for relatives. Things are unfortunately going to get a lot worse in Haiti before they get better.  You can always help by donating $10 to the American Red Cross by texting "Haiti" to 90999.  Or donate $5 by texting "Yele" to 510510, which is run by musician (and Haitian) Wyclef Jean.  Or, you can also just wait until Sunday when Coach Cal does his fundraiser, which I'm positive will feature tons of cool stuff.  All kidding aside, that fundrasier could make Kentucky the leading state for donations to the Haitian relief effort.  Seriously.  Helping people and getting UK stuff?  Sign us up!

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