Hal Mumme shares a great story about Jared Lorenzen's arm strength
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Hal Mumme shares a great story about Jared Lorenzen's arm strength

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Over the next few days, we’re going to hear a lot of stories about Jared Lorenzen. He was Kentucky Football’s folk hero, after all. Bruce Feldman of The Athletic reached out to Hal Mumme, who shared some great anecdotes about Jared, specifically that cannon of an arm.

After Lorenzen had signed with Kentucky, the Wildcats had a summer camp with eight to 10 highly recruited high school QB prospects. “We set up two red dummies about 20 yards downfield and we had a receiver standing in between and the quarterbacks had to throw this hole shot,” Mumme says. “We had someone standing behind them with a radar gun. Most of the quarterbacks were hitting between 48-52 mph.

“Jared watched this drill. We’d never done it before. He goes, ‘Hey, can I try it?’

Mumme said, “Go ahead, big guy.”

“Jared goes out there in penny loafers and an oxford shirt and wings it. He throws it 68. He hadn’t warmed up either.”

Mumme says the only other quarterback he’s ever seen on film with an arm quite like Lorenzen’s was John Elway.

For more from Mumme and Jared’s former teammate Neal Brown, head on over to The Athletic.

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