HALF: Alabama 28, Kentucky 3


Well, it was fun for a little while. After hanging tough in the first quarter, Kentucky spent the second shooting itself in the foot, paving the way for Alabama to take a 28-3 lead into halftime.

After the Crimson Tide struck first, the Cats were in good position to tie it up, but a holding penalty by Landon Young on 2nd and 5 in the red zone forced Kentucky to settle for a field goal. The defense got a huge stop on Alabama’s next drive and after Kentucky couldn’t punch it in on its next possession, a bad snap on Matt Ruffolo’s field goal attempt led to a fumble. From there, the wheels started to fall off. Ruffolo missed a 42-yard field goal and Alabama could not be stopped, Mac Jones accumulating over 200 yards. And we’ve still got a half to play.

Here’s the box score, if you dare.


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